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Realla has the most complete index of freehold shops for sale across North America

Explore Realla to discover shops for sale, retail space for sale, retail units for sale, empty shops to buy and retail investments near you. We are the most comprehensive and accurate source for all kinds of retail property for sale in North America whether you are looking for high street shop acquisitions, are looking to invest in retail property for sale or just love searching the retail property sales market!

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What is retail property?
Retail property is commercial property used solely for the purposes of selling products or services, rather than their manufacture. Retail buildings include retail stores, malls, shopping centres, shops, restaurants, bars and pubs.
What are the main classes of retail property?
Retail properties are covered under Class E. Restaurants and cafes defined as any business selling food or drink to be eaten on-site fall under the E category. This excludes takeaway outlets, as these are covered by the Sui Generis class.

Learn more about commercial property classes on our blog.
How many retail properties does Realla list?
Realla lists 7,833 retail properties located in the UK. It includes 5,990 retail properties to rent and 1,843 retail properties for sale.
How do I advertise my retail unit on Realla?
To start advertising on Realla, please fill in this form. We will reply to your message within 24 hours. You can also list your retail property on Realla using our self-service tool Marketing Centre.