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Realla has the most complete index of industrial units for sale across North America

Explore Realla to discover industrial property for sale, industrial units for sale near you, small industrial units for sale, warehouses to buy and industrial building investments. We are the most comprehensive and accurate source for industrial and warehouse property for sale in North America whether you are a major industrial investor, commercial warehouse sales agent, industrial premises owner or just love searching the industrial property sales market!

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What is industrial property?
Industrial property is defined as a type of commercial property used for manufacturing or storing goods. This includes buildings such as warehouses, factories, garages and distribution centres etc.
What are the main classes of industrial properties?
Industrial properties tend to be marked as Class B. Class B2 covers general industrial properties. Classes B3-B7 define the 'Special Industrial Groups' – they include any properties dealing with mining and quarrying, or chemicals, metals, acids, oils, or animal products.

Learn more about industrial property classes on our blog.
How many industrial properties does Realla list?
Realla lists 4,414 industrial properties located in the UK. It includes 3,734 industrial properties to rent and 680 industrial properties for sale.
How do I advertise my industrial unit on Realla?
Get in touch with us via email to We will send a follow-up with advertising packages and their pricing. Alternatively, you can use Marketing Centre to list your space on Realla.